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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Okay, so they arnt in order with how it tarted, but i assume you can guess!

So I began with another painting today, feeling lost i plodded on! It changed considerably, I also think i've over worked it. However, I have still got 4 more days in the studio, and i feel that the work I am doing now, im just doing i for the sake of it, and I dont feel connected with it....or i can't connect with it because of all the stress. tOO MUCH TOO DO, NO TIME!
So I began with another painting today, feeling lost i plodded on!

Monday, 17 May 2010

97 Miles West profile and unknown dryptich painting.

So on the dryptich, I have drawn a women sucking a foot in red crayon. I was unsure if i wanted to, i enjoyed just painting the shapes, but the voice of my old tutor came back 'just fucking do it, se what happens' so I took that ait more further thn started painting what on top, not sure about it. Its paint, paint can re-done!
Below is the image, you can see it faintly.

Also, Free Range profile:

Also, was selected with 4 other artists from a huuuuuge date base of artists, as a feature artist! ... that makes me feel better!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Free Range

Next Up Coming Exhibition:

97 miles West, a showcase of fourty-five emerging artists work. Spanning a range of disciplines,
the show acts as a starting point for artists to establish themselves. 97 miles West is an exciting opportunity for the artists to demonstrate to the wider art community that Bath is a hotbed of ingenuity.

Will be showing:

01 Jul 2010 Thursday 18:00 - 22:00
02 Jul 2010 Friday 10:00 - 19:00
03 Jul 2010 Saturday 10:00 - 19:00
04 Jul 2010 Sunday 10:00 - 19:00
05 Jul 2010 Monday 10:00 - 19:00

Location F Block T3
Address Hanbury Street London

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Serious upload frenzie...anything so i dont do acaps!

Croque of Shit, 180 x180

Older Work 2006

These are sew on using a sewing machine freehand. I Made a quilt of these, ive lost the quilt so i cant photogrph the rest!

Old Drawings 2008

shitty statement

Maybe I should talk more? However, am not really a talker. I should be using this blog to promote my work and mention the relevance of it, the inspiration, influence of movements and certain artists. What art i like etc. But i find it difficult to put that into words on a blog, its very strange. Just like an artists statement, how can an artists statement be made exciting? Each painting of mine is completely different, i feel, see and think differentthings day in day out, my memory bank chnages every second. A beautiful cloud which i saw a month ago will pop up in my head, each day of the menstral cycle is different! Each day it differs, how the hell can I put my finger on it! Influence on one day can be sexual, or the just basic colour and shape, how can that be wtitten up in a statement? also, Are they even suppose to be exciting? When i read them its either filled with jibbering shite, contradictions(thats mine) or just plain old sunday painter style ones! how to make them fun and different???? Its got me, i just got my boyfriend(see his blog, it is under Followers - 'I pOured Myself Into A Glass') to write most of it, he's great at writing and ful of art knowledge. The statement was great yes, but it wasnt from me, it felt like a lie even though i was saying what i wanted and he would write it down. I didnt seem connnected with it. I dont know why i make such a deal about them!

So, i thought of an idea, for my website, instead on holding a statement. It would include little boxes in a square (row of 20 up and down) and each box would contain an image of relevance to me and my work, weather it would be certain critics whom take towards abstract works, pictures of influence, objects, words. And when you roll over a box it will say what it is.

So i guess an idea can be form, but obviously I will have a link, in small at the bottom to an actual artist statement, not that i want to, but Ruth only you understand that idea, just because you do, it doesnt mean everybody else will.

still in progress

Monday, 10 May 2010

Thursday, 6 May 2010


WOW, A FESTIVAL...DEEP IN THE WOODS! IAI has been running now for 4 years, with some unreal, amazing acts playing! Its going big now, a 2 day event in the lake district!!! Free camping and parking! oh yes, you like free don't you!?

Today was a 'NO DAY' first of all,I went down to Dartmouth with Grace to test our work. But I dont have any idea what to show, no tutors where around and it was pointless! So we decided to go to sion hill instead. I was so pissed of all day and feeling shit, i decided to just paint, and have no desired outcome whatsoever. I idi not want to think of any representations of anything, i did not want to think about colour, i did not want to think about end of year show. i did not want to think! I hate thinking at the moment, there is no need to think.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Final Piece

This is my final piece, it is a diptych. I am going to hang them, with an exaggerated gap in the middle. The latter paintings are an exploration of composition, i shall start to decided what the fuck i am doing on them. only four weeks left.

A new piece in which i am currently making. Having my qwork take on a minimalist approach, i wanted to explore this more. I have used a lighter shade of pink within the square, which will forma subtel background, the blue pieces are tape. argh i cant explain!

Little Annoyance

Well, this is the bitch of them all. I cant get enough of painting it, however, there is something missing and i can't put my finger on it. A colour? a mark?

I have no idea, but i am going to layering colours, to get away from the Dark Grey, car-like painted background. It has come along way, but is like a crying baby.

This is how a left it last night, after a tutorial wuth Bob Fearns, i asked which was my least successful piece, he pointed out this one, in which i agreed. I felt it was too busy, certain marks didnt hold themselves stongly enough in comparision to the larger areas of colour.

This was how i left it after today. Slight alterations. but still a paint in the arse!

I'm Not A Feminist, But...

''I'm Not Feminist, But...'' 2010 1m x 1m

Monday, 26 April 2010

God Loves A Murderer Because There is So Much Sin Too Forgive

The above piece is titled 'God Loves A Murderer Because There is So Much Sin Too Forgive'...I think so anyway, im fond of this title, and think it should be used for another piece.

I did this in 5 minutes, litterally, just messing around with a technique of applying paint. I also did it upside down, not realising what the images was untill i turned it 360 degrees. The image is apparent.. MY SUBCOINIOUS HAS ARRIVED!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Penis Envy - Unfinished

So.. finially a artist statement has popped out, never think it would happen, now it has to be a website. fuck.

My practice derives from the subconscious but the end product is directed through intuition that takes in the vastness of the piece and balances out the composition aesthetically. I believe in allowing the viewer to interpret actual subjective meaning that the piece holds, but aim to guide them, through the use of colour, texture and composition into, foremost, a feeling/emotional response from which subjective interpretation takes place.
Whilst aesthetical value provides the basis of my expression, the work also makes reference to influences ranging from mythology, taboo sexual subjects and to the anxieties of modern life. Although painting is the primary mode of expression, the exploration of these subjects takes place across a range of different media including printing and drawing. By working in this manner the work draws upon careful research and interpretation of materials, situations and personal/subjective analysis, and develops into a more considered, responsive and immediate body of work.