Monday, 12 April 2010

So.. finially a artist statement has popped out, never think it would happen, now it has to be a website. fuck.

My practice derives from the subconscious but the end product is directed through intuition that takes in the vastness of the piece and balances out the composition aesthetically. I believe in allowing the viewer to interpret actual subjective meaning that the piece holds, but aim to guide them, through the use of colour, texture and composition into, foremost, a feeling/emotional response from which subjective interpretation takes place.
Whilst aesthetical value provides the basis of my expression, the work also makes reference to influences ranging from mythology, taboo sexual subjects and to the anxieties of modern life. Although painting is the primary mode of expression, the exploration of these subjects takes place across a range of different media including printing and drawing. By working in this manner the work draws upon careful research and interpretation of materials, situations and personal/subjective analysis, and develops into a more considered, responsive and immediate body of work.

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