Thursday, 13 May 2010

shitty statement

Maybe I should talk more? However, am not really a talker. I should be using this blog to promote my work and mention the relevance of it, the inspiration, influence of movements and certain artists. What art i like etc. But i find it difficult to put that into words on a blog, its very strange. Just like an artists statement, how can an artists statement be made exciting? Each painting of mine is completely different, i feel, see and think differentthings day in day out, my memory bank chnages every second. A beautiful cloud which i saw a month ago will pop up in my head, each day of the menstral cycle is different! Each day it differs, how the hell can I put my finger on it! Influence on one day can be sexual, or the just basic colour and shape, how can that be wtitten up in a statement? also, Are they even suppose to be exciting? When i read them its either filled with jibbering shite, contradictions(thats mine) or just plain old sunday painter style ones! how to make them fun and different???? Its got me, i just got my boyfriend(see his blog, it is under Followers - 'I pOured Myself Into A Glass') to write most of it, he's great at writing and ful of art knowledge. The statement was great yes, but it wasnt from me, it felt like a lie even though i was saying what i wanted and he would write it down. I didnt seem connnected with it. I dont know why i make such a deal about them!

So, i thought of an idea, for my website, instead on holding a statement. It would include little boxes in a square (row of 20 up and down) and each box would contain an image of relevance to me and my work, weather it would be certain critics whom take towards abstract works, pictures of influence, objects, words. And when you roll over a box it will say what it is.

So i guess an idea can be form, but obviously I will have a link, in small at the bottom to an actual artist statement, not that i want to, but Ruth only you understand that idea, just because you do, it doesnt mean everybody else will.

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