Sunday, 13 May 2012


So today I came across Claire Price's work.  I've always admired the patience in her work, juxtaposed by the erratic what-seems-to-be-not-planned-but-probably-meticulously-planned erratic mark's that disrupt the stillness. To me, it has the effect of Vodka and Red Bull; slows the heart rate yet races it in a pleasant way.

I remember seeing Price's work on the front cover of the free magazine you get at Saatchi, I was rude and took three.  I want one to keep the article for myself, one to dissect the article for Aspects of Contemporary Art (a module at university) and one to cut up and re-arrange her work.  For no particular reason.

When people ask you who your favourite artist is, my mind goes blank.  Walking into a music shop to buy a CD, my mind goes blank I have no idea who or what sort of music I like!  An article appeared on my news feed or her current exhibition and it was a FUCK. YES. moment.  I want to paint, she makes me want to paint.  She instills a glimer, of what I don't know.  But I love it when an artist and their work does this, it does not happen much but when it hits you, it's a major FUCK.YES!

'Piece of me' - Clare Price

On another note, I found my first painting.  I used acrylics and it is on MDF and just under one meter (length)

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