Monday, 6 June 2011

The Rise of II

This weekend is the II Festival, i'm very excited for it, we got given a talk on how young children learn within art late week, it seems so appropiate as I am doing a workshop with the young un's, unfortuantly the workshop is only an hour and half long, I wanted to plant life-size mythicals beasts in the trees and around the campsite, make dens and hang a perspect painting from one tree to another... but headdresses/masks it must be.

Peter Randall-Page has been in the Gallery today setting up his solo exhibition, usally that side of the exhibition is taken care of by gallery staff.

 I have been recently appointed Visual Arts Co-ordinator for the Arts Exchange.  A group I knew little of, I went along to a networking event with poet Louise Fazackerly and met people from the team.  The deal with appointing funding for projects and events.  If you are from the Wigan and Leigh area, have alook!

The Arts Exchange

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